Struggle Street

Forgive me father for I have sinned, it has been 4 weeks since I last went walking.  I feel like it's almost a sin to not have walked for so long.  There have been many reasons why.  Primarily because of working on the website and preparations for the exhibition.  There are 80 photo's displayed so as you can imagine it took some time, but to be perfectly honest I think it's more basic than that.  I've just not been feeling it.  

As you walk away Mornington Victoria Australia December 2014

As you walk away
Mornington Victoria Australia
December 2014

The last shoot on the 22nd November was a struggle for me and the results showed it.  I am not happy with the majority of shots I took, and not just because of a run in with security whilst shooting.  Some are good, but usually I would get a lot more out of a walk.  I was at a market which to be honest is not my favourite place to shoot.  Most people wear the same expression and are doing the same things so in my mind it's akin to walking around a supermarket.  Not very gratifying for people watching or shooting candids.  But with a troupe of fellow photographers I pushed on and I was happy, as always, to have spent the time with them and catch up with old friends and meet some new people.

So what was the reason?  Why haven't I been out there capturing the buzz on the streets of Melbourne in summer?  Why?  I keep asking myself why?  I make plans and then find reasons to not go.  Yes daily life sometimes gets in the way, but I think the absence of a lens has been beneficial.  I have been more engaged in my daily life, I have been more aware of whats going on around me.  I have been people watching as I used to before I started photographing again and enjoying it immensely.  And for the last week, I have been taking mental images in my head, composing pictures, writing stories to go with them, and deliberately leaving the camera at home.

I have been in the moment and that is where I need to be to shoot well.  It had reached a point where I felt forced to take photos, to produce, I was walking once a week for approximately 10 hours a day, and that is fine because I love doing it.  I love the changes that occur in light as the day progresses and the alteration in the people on the streets as they travel through the day.  Interspersed with new people that are starting their adventures later.  That juxtaposition of the harried mother struggling with bags and a pram being passed by the party girl ready for a night on the town.  But I needed a break from shooting just as we need a break from our day jobs.   And I'm glad I took it.

It has refreshed my mind and spirit and I can't wait to get back out there tomorrow (yes, literally tomorrow) camera front and centre, ready to capture the moments that move me. 

The photo to the right was snapped on an iPhone5 last Saturday.  It was the only camera I had on me.  But the moment was worth capturing.  See you on the streets.