I get by with a little help from my friends

Spent 2 days wandering around with Amanda, a friend from Melbourne that I can thankfully say I've finally had the chance to have a really good conversation with and finally get to know. who would have thought that it would have taken travelling to another country to do that?

So, during the 2 days, Amanda, Deanna (occasionally) and I managed to fit in quite a bit. In no particular order:

=Went places I wouldn't have gone otherwise - Transit Museum - who knew? 
=Wore the wrong shoes (the first day anyway) that resulted in a very weary Carmelina.
=Had some questionable food including FEAT (yes - that's fake meat, and we aren't talking the soya alternative here folks).  
=Walked through Central Park at night (my first experience with the Park), I'm sure we were killed in there and still don't realise it (Ghost's got nothing on us - I still logged into work and posted after I shuffled off this mortal coil!).  
= Central Park again the next day - honestly thought it would be quiet because of Thanksgiving and all - fooled me New York.
= Wore a Turkey on my head, but really spent most of my time laughing at Amanda wearing the Turkey on hers - really enjoyed the smiles and happiness it brought to the faces of those around us.
=Were followed by the worlds slowest yet most Ninja of grandma's - we are still looking out for her - she's everywhere, no I mean it, EVERYWHERE!!!!
=Saw the balloons being inflated for the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade (well half of them anyway) and discovered just how incredibly patient Americans can be - ain't no way I'm queuing that long, nor walking up and down the same street 8 times to follow the crowd that was 10 wide (Imagine Swanston from Flinders to Bourke for those back home).
=Saw Iceskating at the Rock and the decorations and carols at Saks
=Grand Central again - because hey - it's Grand Central
=Brooklyn Bridge again - because you gotta cross over somehow right?
=Thanksgiving Brunch - sugar overload - still recovering - thanks Amanda
=Introduced a lovely guy called Shaun to the Pixie Stick (or Pixie shooter depending on where you're from), hope the poor guy is OK. He was in front of us at the Lake house kiosk for a good 20 minutes and couldn't stop laughing, we're talking head down full body shakes laughter - fear not good readers, we assured him that not all Aussies are like this. Needless to say - the slightly uptight lady behind us was less impressed with our shenanigans.
=Discovered a great local Italian place around the corner from our apartment, drank a little too much, just one cocktail but they are a lot stronger here than at home - or it could just be that it's literally been too long between drinks - either way - yay!
=Exploring the basement of my apartment building, full body bag on one of the couches down there as well as a skittish kitten that we have renamed Nevins (yes - we have reclaimed the name Nevins to be something positive and adorable). We broke all the rules of Horror movies - I now understand just how hard it is to stay together!! Made it out alive - maybe only because we were already killed in Central Park the night before - maybe thats why Nevins was so skittish around us. Hmmmm.....
=Too many subway changes
=Too many wrong turns
=Too much laughter (did we even stop laughing?) sore cheeks from all the laughing.
=I'm sure there's way more, but too much to remember!

To be continued...