This will be a marathon essay - apologies in advance, grab a coffee or a wine and settle in. 

Exhaustion hit yesterday, so a very slow day. Morning stop at the local farmers market for supplies - 4 tables of eucalyptus branches, their biggest seller! - What the? Followed by our first casualty - a fall at Nevins Street. Why did we get off at Nevins Street? Why did we not just wait on the platform? Why was I wearing those shoes? 

Tripped racing upstairs. Fell forward with camera in hand (strap around my neck), you can see where this is going right? Don't ask me how with the state of exhaustion I was in, but my brain kicked into gear right hand with camera went upwards to in front of my face, left hand went out to slow the impact and my sunnies fell off my head onto my eyes and promptly took the brunt of the impact.  
I'm (lightly) bruised and grazed in several locations, sore neck from avoiding head butting the camera. The camera survived without a scratch, but the sunglasses, sadly were a victim of Nevins. 

Undaunted and slightly limping, we continue on
a very slow meandering walk, I didn't shoot much because of the soreness but enjoyed the walk. 

Starting at Battery Park City (tourists - eek!), through TriBeCa (very close encounter with Sir Alan Rickman - yeah stick to your side of the pavement buddy, no wait that was me, I keep keeping left instead of right - apologies my good man), SoHo (spotted American Dan - don't worry Dan - not a cowboy) and the Village - loved Greenwhich.
Too much time wandering through Bleecker Street, Deanna now the proud owner of a phone case made from vinyl records.

Finally found the closest thing to a supermarket as we know it here. It was about 1/3 the size of a Coles or Woolworths (am I ever going to stop saying Safeway first?) and we were excited!!  
Refused to buy yellow smoked hocks (have a hankering for lentil soup) and burst into giggles after a women walked past the end of our aisle, turned to look down the aisle and said "I hate you all" as she walked past. I can only think she was talking to her long suffering friend that trailed behind her moments later. 

First taste of pumpkin pie, and an early night (crashed by 8.30pm) followed by a solid 4 hours sleep (woo hoo) 7 hours later and I'm ready to crash again. 

It occurs to me that no-one can pick our accents. They either take us for crazy locals (don't ask me why) or realize we are foreigners (usually because of the cameras) - although the first question is "Are you ladies photographers?", the answer is yes, and they are genuinely surprised during the ensuing conversation when we say we are Australian. Can't bring myself to Ocker up - I just can't. 

Home day today, working, yes more office work, and laundry. Hope to get some time to do more editing and posting later on. 

A service will be held this afternoon for the sunnies. We ask that in lieu of flowers, you make a donation to the Fred Hollows foundation.

Onwards and upwards!