NY fatality count rises to 2 in as many days. Carmelina Pascoe reports from Brooklyn...

Following the loss of Carmelina's beloved sunnies yesterday (shades for our American readers), Australia's latest photography superstars have been struck by disaster again, causing the fatality rate to rise to 2 in as many days.

What almost passed for a quiet day of office work and rest for weary bodies ended tragically at 4.45pm when Deanna's new Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens slipped through her fingers whilst detaching it from the camera body. The ensuing noise causing all in the apartment jump.

Hearts were racing as the precious lens was retrieved, the shattered top layer causing despair, but a quick thinking bystander saved the day. "I realized the shattered glass was raised and that there were glass fragments on top of the curved lens, it was only the "indestructible" Hoya filter that was damaged. 

After carefully removing the fragments of glass, they were unable to remove the rim of the filter from the lens. A mercy dash to B&H photo followed, only to be stymied by the express subway line turning into a local service on Sunday afternoons. Needless to say they didn't make it in time.

Some minor shopping followed by some subway line change shenanigans and the girls were beat. A brief service followed by a minutes silence for the sunnies occurred as the passed through Nevins Street station.

"The day was saved when we saw a small child playing on the train. He was adorable! He decided to strike up a conversation with a stranger who asked him how old he was, he held up two fingers and said "Two, I'm two old". It was such an awwww moment" 

The girls returned safely home and following calls from family and friends had a lovely evening. They will return to B&H on Monday to get the filter rim removed.

After all that, I know I'm feeling "two old" (insert chuckle). Back to you in the studio Jim...