Foresight is 20/20

Yesterday I jokingly told people that my posts were getting too long and that my post today would read:

Shit Happened

Well dear readers thats about the sum of it.  We have been threatening to have a rest day for a while now and yesterday the bell tolled.

The night before I tried some Melatonin - yes Mum I caved and took your advice, but only because it was conveniently available at the Target store we were at, and I saw it whilst I was looking for Vitamin C.  One tablet and a grand sleep of 4.5 hours - not much difference really, except that I wen't to bed early and woke at 3.15am.  Failed to go back to sleep, grocery delivery coming at 6am so what was the point anyway.  I had organised an early delivery so the day would be clear to do stuff.  The best laid plans...

Tidied the apartment, unloaded the groceries and started working on the website, loading up photos from this trip - check THE NEW YORK CHRONICLES to see my progress.  The day slowly descended into online shopping at Amazon, watching the Sound of Music, more posting and crashing in the afternoon - someone had to pay the piper at some point.  Basement wandering to do Laundry.  Yes, the basement still terrifies me - bad memories from when I was a child and locked in a pitch black one for 20 minutes by some of my cousins have scarred me for life.  

I digress, the evening continued with making Taco's in tortillas - yes, tortillas.  I am yet to master the art of eating a taco in a shell without wearing it.  And for those who do not know - what you think of as a taco - the hard U shaped shell is not Mexican - it was the invention of Glen Bell (the founder of Taco Bell) who originally deep fried Tortillas around a bent coffee can to get that shape.  Know what you are eating people.  NOT A GOOD IDEA GLEN.  

More posting whilst catching up on some visual entertainment on TV.  Last minute decision to change the blog here so went to sleep at 1.30  took 2 melatonin and woke at 3.15 ( you're kidding right???)  back asleep and woke at 7.30.  An hour later and this post is done, I still feel tired but there's a day and a New York to be had.  If only I could get out of bed...