Local Gals

We finally spent a day in the apartment - On Sunday, the furthest we went was to the basement to do laundry. Doesn't sound exciting does it?  But it is!!  It feels like we've finally made the change from traveller (even though we walk with cameras in our hands we will never be tourists) to local.  I've stopped complaining, about the lack of bins, about the scented parts of the subway, even about the grime.  

Sunday was a day to catch up with each other, to spend time together and chill (sadly, no netflix - but it's coming soon).   Travelling can be very stressful on a relationship, but thankfully we know we need to have days like Sunday.  Laundry and cleaning the apartment, face time with family back home, cooked the Lentil soup - FINALLY!!! Exploring the roof of our building (did I mentioned I am terrified of heights?  And when I say terrified I mean scream worthy terrified),. Music, reading, love and laughter, The Sound of Music and popcorn.  A Sunday well spent.

Monday was back to normal, working from 5am, then heading out at 11 to go to Blick Art Supplies in NOHO, Deanna came back to play with her supplies and I continued on to finally meet up with Nei Cruz, much joy and laughter and off we went - my first latte in New York, not bad, it's not Melbourne but hey, it's not Melbourne.  Caffeinated, we weaved our way to Little Italy where my camera got intimate with a metal fence - still works, the the LCD screen on the top is cracked and leaking - yup, put Little Italy on the Nevins list.  We continued onto China Town and after circling through Columbus Park reversed our walk.  

Back in Little Italy and a gentleman catches my eye - solid build, tall, full length black overcoat, gloves - you get the picture...  When I went to take his picture he held up his hand and refused.  His reason was that he was a "Government Employee".  Puhlease!! I'm Italian!  I know what a "Government Employee" is.  I didn't get the shot, but thankfully, no one has been following me since.  Think I dodged a bullet on that one - literally.

Lunch at Cafe Habana where I had my first Cuban, let me tell you, nobody needs a food coma when they still have so far to go, NOBODY!  Our progress after this was slow but steady.  across town to SOHO and Chelsea before walking The High Line, well some of it anyway.  Heading back home to rest and start work again, briefly before relaxing for the night, and what a night it was!  The pipes stopped banging at 10!  I slept for 7 (albeit broken) hours!  this is a record here. 

Tuesday was a very slow start, one of those days when you sleep more than usual and feel more tired.  One day I hope someone will explain that to me.  Left the apartment at midday, into the rain and straight to Photo Tech to get the latest patient cared for. In for an estimate and hoping like mad it will be ready by Friday and not be too costly.  OK, we may have stopped at a deli for lunch.  OK, OK we did!  Jeesh!

B & H again (very quickly) for some minor accessories and then onto the New York Public Library - WOW!! What a stunning building, do yourself a favour and look it up.  Sadly, the main reading room was closed for restoration, but we were wandering the building for a good long while.  An exhibition on photography just topped it off.  We exited the NYPL to a dark, rainy New York, and yes, we were very excited!!!  Heading to the subway and many, many photos, 2 free cow bells from Bryant Park - FREE!!! What we are going to do with 2 cow bells I don't know. 

So there you have it - We have a local Italian place, we've spent a day not exploring the city, we've been to the local camera repair place twice, and I've found the local branch of La Cosa nostra.  True locals indeed.