Miguel - the classy dancer

Late one morning (Ok - it was 1 pm in the afternoon) whilst wandering past a Mexican restaurant, we decided on breakfast Tacos (It's a thing - trust me).   After being seated we were approached by a smiling young man.  He introduced himself, in a thick accent as Miguel our server, and quickly ascertained that we were not from around here (clearly he hadn't read my last post about being local gals).  From that point the charm offensive was on.  You smile too much to be locals!  Too young to be her mother (puhlease). Would we like guacamole?  Sure!  Fish Tacos for me and Enchilada for Deanna please.  Fleet of foot and swift as the wind, Miguel wheeled the Guacamole prep station to our table.   A taller man (who will be known henceforth as Not-Miguel) arrived to man the Guac station.  Miguel slapped him on the back and told him loudly and proudly that we were VIP's and that he, Not-Miguel, had to look after us.  Before departing, Miguel reiterated our VIP status.  I could feel my credit card maxing out on this VIP tip he was clearly expecting.  Not-Miguel worked quietly, yet efficiently, his hands chopping and mixing at a pace that still stuns me.  It takes me 20 minutes to make a one avocado guacamole at home - how was he done it in less than 3???  What kind of trickery is this????  

Half way through our 3 avocado guacamole (who needs that much guacamole?) and Miguel dropped in to check how we were going... (warning - paraphrasing may occur)
Us - Great thanks. (we turn back to our food)
Miguel - That's good, good.  Ah, what do you girls do for... entertainment at night?
Me - (thinking - WTF?? Every radar went off in my head except the one that applied) - Still recovering from Jet lag so no nights out yet.  Thanks (smiles and turns back to eat).
Miguel - The only reason I ask is because I am a dancer.
Me - That's great Miguel, what kind of dancing do you do?  (Really?  What was I thinking)
Miguel - I dance in a group...
Me - (Thinking a cultural group) Oh, interesting
Miguel - ... yes, we get together and we dance, on stage.
Me - That's great Miguel, what kind of dancing does your group do?

Miguel - Well it's classy dancing...
Me - mm hmm
Miguel - You know, like Magic Mike...

At this point dear reader I should inform you that we had been eating and drinking during this interlude and whilst it appears brief it seemed to drag on FOREVER.  It took all of my powers to not spray my corn and bean salad all over the table.  I looked at Deanna who's eyes were simultaneously filled with dread and laughter and who's cheeks bulged with the food she had just put into her mouth.  Yep, it's not just me.

Me - So like a cabaret?
Miguel - Ahh, yes, but... uh... no.. it's classy... like Magic Mike...

This pattern repeated for too many iterations, so to break the infinity loop I asked whether Miguel had a card for the place where he danced?

Miguel rummaged around in his wallet to proudly produce his business card turns out it was his personal card.  I have shown only the left side of the card to protect the innocent (wait - what??) - you don't need Miguels contact details, shame on you!!!

Miguel - There is my number and my email - you can call me and I can tell you when I'm dancing, or you can give me your number and I can tell you when I am dancing...
Me - Ah, where do you dance Miguel? We could just go there!!! (I don't give out  my number, and this seemed like the easiest way to move this conversation to a conclusion)
Miguel - (excitedly) Let me write it on my card.. 


At this stage Miguel realises his card is black on both sides and I don't think he wanted to write it across his abs.. So, he pulls out a docket and quickly scrawls the company name and informs us that we can look it up on the internet and that there are shows there all the time, any night, but that we should call him to see when he's dancing.  We can use the number on his card to call him direct.

We assured him we would in fact look up his place of secondary employment on the interwebs and would visit to enjoy the free drinks that came with the entry price.  Also that we understood that as Deanna was under 18 she could enjoy non-alcoholic beverages as her complimentary drinks.  Yes Miguel, you're dancing Friday?  We will definitely be there, thank you so much for telling us.

Was it that we looked happy and like we would enjoy a good time?  Was it that I looked like a sad & lonely, cashed up woman? I'm hoping it's the first, Got a laugh out of it either way.

We finished our meal in fits of giggles, gave Miguel a generous tip - partly because Maths is not Deanna's forte and partly because we wouldn't be attending Miguel's show and left.  And that dear readers is how the legend of Miguel - the classy dancer, was born.