Life - In Absentia

No I was not running in the election.  I have been asked if I was out campaigning and is that why I stopped shooting and disappeared?  The short answer is no, I was not running to lead the country into it's next parliament, however, I cannot rule out running in future elections, if thats what the Australian people want... Just trying to get my pollie speak right ;)

Firstly, I would like to issue an unreserved apology for disappearing so suddenly from not only the virtual world, but also, as my local friends would attest, the real world.  Things have been somewhat... lets go with hectic and unsettled over the last 3 months.  There has been much to do and there is still so very much more to come, but I have reclaimed Sunday as a day of rest - not accurate, I have reclaimed Sunday as a day of not going to the office/shop, and boy do I feel great about that choice!  

Today was my second Sunday (read second day) off in 3 and a half months.  And last night I rejoined the land of the living to walk the streets of Melbourne and join friends to celebrate a VIP birthday - sorry Victor, birth week.  Not having held a camera for 3 months meant that it was not my best shooting effort, but it felt good to be out there again.  Maybe I'll find my photographic groove again next week.  There was laughter and merriment and stories that will never be repeated (don't worry Matt & Sally, your secret is safe with me - I can vouch for Amanda as well) and dancing - so very much dancing, so much dancing that we are heading out to Salsa lessons on Thursday night (free beginners class - if you're interested, post in the comments below and I will send details).  Apart from the tiredness that kicked in at 9pm, I pushed on and once the dancing started I felt like myself in a way I haven't for such a very long time.  Thank goodness for friends and the great Jazz and Blues on offer at Transit Rooftop Bar.

I cannot apologise enough for my sudden disappearance and the concern it has caused.  I am OK, truly.  So what's been happening?  Why did I drop off the face of the earth?  Excellent question.  Too difficult and convoluted to answer in full here, suffice to say, work, shop fit out, relocation, contract renewals and did I mention shop fit out? I did that one myself.  If you want to see the floors, the walls, the counter etc... that I and my amazing family (so much love for Mum & Dad and Deanna and John for the incredible effort they have put in alongside me - could not have done it without you) come visit us at My Coffee Shop 1473-1475 Malvern Road Glen Iris for a view on early style Melbourne Industrial.   Not a cafe but actually a coffee shop - more info about what we do at, also Deanna & I will be behind the counter - I'm the slightly shorter, slightly older one, OK, much shorter and much older.  So that's what I've been doing - cramming a 6 month reno and fit out into 6 weeks.  Yeah, I think I'm a bit of a challenge junkie, next step, moving the Sydney office and then, who knows... maybe The Block?  Nah - They'd never accept me.  Too much colourful language.  they'd have to bleep out the whole show!

On a more serious note, during the last few months, I have been so moved by the support, love and friendship that has been showered upon me through messages, texts, emails and phone calls.  I didn't get to respond to them, but they have truly and deeply blown me away.  Humbled by those that have reached out, and those that have helped me through,  I am determined to make up for lost time and must apologise in advance for the high intensity doses of me that will be coming your way.  Those that were there last night, you were the first cabs off the rank and therefore probably took the brunt of it, but hey, you missed me right?

Onwards and upwards, bigger and brighter, as the song says... It's only the beginning...


And on occasion we are forced to see ourselves for who we truly are. Little Bourke Street Chinatown Melbourne Victoria Australia July 2016

And on occasion we are forced to see ourselves for who we truly are.
Little Bourke Street
Melbourne Victoria Australia
July 2016