An assault on the senses

Christmas a time to be joyful, a time to give, a time to share with your loved ones.  I look forward to it every year, and this year we kicked it off with a quick but very effective shopping trip culminating in a trip to the “fragrance department” of our local David Jones and I was still trying to recover hours later.

It always seems like a good idea, try and find a perfume that I like.  Imagine three of us each looking for that special one and getting each other to try.  No, I don’t know what we were thinking either.  What was meant to be a quick wander through turned into 20 minutes of spray and sniff.  On the plus side, I now do not need to worry about nose hairs as they were all burnt off. No, that’s not an exaggeration.  My nostrils were burning all evening and into the next morning.  A week later and I am fully recovered, although no one cares for me enough to look up my nose to see if my nose is being re-forested.  Thanks “friends”.

Christmas was of course a 2 day binge, alright, 3 day binge on way too much food.  We started with Swedish Christmas on Christmas eve - Rollmops, Ribs, Meatballs and Schnapps plus all the rest, inevitably followed by a dip in the pool.  Fully clothed as I didn’t bring my bathing suit.  Here’s the thing - floaty clothes float when you are in the pool, and I happened to be wearing booth a very floaty top and pants. As it turned out, I ended up looking like a lily pad, floating seaweed or somebody that forgot to get fully dressed that morning (damned extra floaty tops and flesh coloured bras!).  But it was hot and I was in safe company.  If anyone posts pictures I will deny it completely!  

Fortunately, the floaty clothing is also quick dry and after walking around in a towel for 12 minutes whilst the washing machine finally finished spin drying my clothes.  Not as many rpms as home mind (only about 800 as opposed to my 1600) but enough to get me from sopping wet to damp.  Redressed - I sit outside under the umbrella sipping champagne and waiting for the hot wind to do its job.  Took 2 hours to be fully dry as the cool change had just rolled in but, there was enough champagne to keep me going.

Next day at mums and so much food we couldn’t fit it all on the table.  It’s like we forgot Alfio and Leisa are in Ohio.  Don’t worry guys - we ate enough for you too.  Barbecue, Roast, Salads coming out of our ears, Pav - always pav, and cookies galore.   Sending the young ones out to play with the even younger one whilst I collapse in pain.  Leftovers taken home to feed us for days to come. Every year I say I’ll eat less.  Every year I lie.  One day I hope we will just prepare less, I mean, a girl can dream right?

Public holidays and 3 days off work gives me a week and a plan is quickly hatched to head to NZ for the week.  I was going to head to NY to shoot the snow which I missed out on last year, and just pray I could couch surf for 4 days before heading back, but decided local and company would be better.  Flights to NZ booked and waiting for confirmation about resident return visas.  Just to be clear - I am an Australian citizen - this wasn’t for me.  Turns out it couldn’t be done in time, becausea special visa was granted when we returned from NY in January.  Apparently, 12 months is not enough time to get a form completed.  Breathe - just breathe.  The very nice people at Qantas refunded the points in full and I decided to stay home.  

As there were 15 books under our tree (thats 15 gifts out of 18, just in case you are ever wondering what to get me), I have spent the last 4 days chilling with the printed page.  2 down, 13 to go.  Alright there has been some serious binge watching as well.  Clearly bingeing in all forms is what we do at Christmas, don’t deny it, you do too.  

Problem is, it’s been bastard hot all week and I do not say this lightly.  30-35 degrees celsius with stupid humidity levels. The air conditioners have been working overtime (apologies to South Australia so you can imagine my delight today when a huge thunderstorm raged - dropping the temperature dramatically.  And there I was, dancing in the rain like a child- joyous and fully clothed.  Thank goodness cheesecloth dries very quickly.   The lightning and the thunder passed quickly and the deluge fell, bringing with it that scent that only storms can bring.  Lucky for me my nose has recovered and Icould revel in it.  Splashing in puddles, drinking in the rain, feeling the drops fall on my skin…  Rock on Melbourne summer, you do not disappoint.  

P.S.  Disclaimer, I am a cold weather person - anything above 29 degrees celsius gets annoying.  I will complain bitterly about the predicted “very hot summer” that the Bureau of Meteorology keeps warning me about.  Autumn can’t come soon enough!!!!!