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Saturday and the heat is killing me, worked today and then spent the rest of the day drifting in and out of sleep.  I tried writing folks I really did, but my brain be fried.  So, in lieu of my life here's a piece of an imaginary one I've been toying with...

She was marching around the kitchen a wooden spoon in hand singing loudly, leading her brother in the procession, beating a toy drum strapped to his front as he he kept time for their adventure.  Jumping over strategically placed cushions and overturned chairs.  The march stopping and starting as they added more obstacles, challenging each other to climb over and crawl under whatever was in the way.  The thrill of them both making it through what had become their most demanding course without loosing the beat or falling out of time was quickly replaced when they heard Mum and Dad coming in from the garden.  They looked at each other and gasped before rapidly moving to straighten the chairs, return the pots and pans to the cupboard and put the world aright.  Utensils were flung under the table as they ran out of time. The door was opening, they could not be found out.  They couldn't get everything cleaned in time, there was no way.  

    “What’s been going on in here?  What have you two been up to?”  Quick glances around as they saw the spoons and colander along with a pile of books next to the fridge.
    “We are going to cook dinner, we were looking for recipes” she said.
    “Recipes huh?  Clean this up, you can help cook dinner later, and preferably a recipe that doesn't include pot plants and drums”  They turned to see the hedge maze they had created with mum’s plants and the drum that had been tossed in the middle of them.  
    “Yes Mum”  As mum moved into the bathroom to wash up from gardening they started laughing convinced they had gotten away with it.
    “You might want to leave the shoes out too” said Dad, “a bit too tough to eat”  he winked as he left the room and smiled as he heard them burst into giggles again.