Date Night

So the plan was set, finish work and head into the city to shoot.  Alas, it wasn’t to be, the evening morphed into a date with my daughter and I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried.

The day started as most days do - with toothpaste falling onto my top and the mad rush to wash it out before it stained - ah, the joys of wearing black.  Rushed breakfast in before heading to work, happens more often than not, but this morning it came with a resolve to go shooting.  I would leave the office on time, I would head into the city, I would shoot!

The day passed with much movement and goings on - much to do and too little time, as usual.  Birthday Sushi at work - which I gorged on, too much sushi is not enough sushi right? WRONG! Sushi regret is real.  It’s the type of food that is way too easy to eat too much of and the after effects take a little while to kick in.  Bloated, aching and ready to be nori rolled around the store I pushed through, moving as much as possible to get me ready for the hours of walking that lay ahead.  I had asked Deanna if she wanted to join me in shooting and we agreed to head somewhere other than the CBD - Albert Park maybe?  the suburb, not the actual park, or maybe Fitzroy? Discussions about Tree wanting to partake in Salsa led to locking in Thursday night and the discussion of inviting more of her friends.

Fitzroy it was and much driving (got to get those hours done, just over 10 to go) and the occasional Lavender nipping later, there we were, all thoughts of shooting flew out the window.  We were headed out for a meal and some us time and I must say - it was magnificent.  We ate, we drank, we conversed, we snuck over to Donut Time afterwards, I mean really - as if we had a choice in the matter.  All in all, it was hands down the best date I have been on in years. Spending time with each other as friends as well as mother and daughter, it was perfect.

Back home, she is off to the gym and I have no regrets about not shooting tonight, Instagram will have to make do with a photo taken last year in New York.  I am sitting here in the dark struggling on a battery that is at 2% but I can’t be bothered getting out of bed to get the charger.  Too snugly now and ready to drift off.  After I post that photo that is. 

Ciao all, may your tomorrows be more amazing than your todays.