Flea Bitten

This was it. Today we would finally make it to the Brooklyn Flea.  After congratulating myself on getting us to the Greenwood Area of Brooklyn instead of Nolita and Little Italy in Manhattan as I had the previous week, I walked us straight past the sign on 36th street (next to the subway entrance), got to 37th and decided we most definitely needed to turn left.  Cheerily walking whilst the wind tousled our hair, greeting locals and getting excited about the bowling alley we passed (just like in the movies), I quickly realised that the large industrial space in front of us showed no signs of life.  Surely this large popular market which was meant to open 90 minutes before would have something moving?  At the very least some cars and flyers?  I turned to the family navigator - SIRI and turned on my heal and exclaimed confidently “This way everybody!”

20 minutes after walking around Smorgasburg (not it’s not that big, we are that indecisive) a belated breakfast was sourced - for some, not my fault if you’re that fussy there my darlin’.  I buy peace and quiet by suggesting coffee and donuts at the other end of the market.  Thank you to the team at Dough, so delicious you made everyone happy.  Those donuts - worth the trip for them alone - so light, so fluffy, so big, so delicious you get the picture.  Actually you don’t, because I ate mine before I thought of taking a photo.  What? It was so good and I was distracted by the way too adorable newborn to concentrate.  Seriously , sooooo cute and so delicious.  So, after the doughnut and the baby were gone (the family left the seating area, I did not eat the baby with the doughnut.  I noticed that the coffee we were drinking wasn’t ours.  When I mentioned this to John he said they misunderstood his name and wrote Josh on all the coffee’s, I know they both start with J but how do you mix up John and Josh?  Particularly the way John says it - very Aussie, John couldn’t understand it either.  I hope there wasn’t a Josh in queue too, sorry about that Josh, wherever you are.

Despite the male need to leave the building we continued and found 2 box brownie cameras, TWO!!!!  Purchased them after some mighty fine haggling - what can you do for both? $5 off the total? Sold! I’m a lot better at negotiating than this makes out.  We decided that this was a good get, so we acquiesced and headed out - stopped in at the pinball parlour (It has a pinball parlour!!) and let the gents play billiards as us ladies fussed over our finds - turns out there is a roll of unprocessed film in my camera - I am as giddy as a school girl at her first dance!  What treasures are waiting inside to see the light of day?  I will get that processed when I get back to Melbourne - running out of time here.  The pool game is over, cameras safely put back together, we head towards the exit and see a sticker vending machine near the exit.  There were some old photos stuck to the left half of the front display and marvel stickers on the other half.  Made me curious so I inserted my 2 quarters and out popped a white piece of cardboard - thought I’d been duped but no.  Lo and behold, I opened it to reveal and old photo.  It worked, I got me a genuine old photo for 2 bits!!

Getting more chuffed by the minute we leave the building to find the wind has died down and the sun is belting down some rays - life be good my friends.  Meandering our way back to the subway (the quick and easy way this time), we see the sign we should have seen earlier.  Note to self - be more observant, I know, the irony of missing something so obvious when I’m forever taking photo’s of people in the moment is not lost on me.  We enter the subway and a group of boys turn on the music, (loud, no really, I mean loud) and encourage us to clap.  4, yes 4 incredibly agile young people begin pole dancing and climbing on the rails.  I am standing there grinning like an idiot and snapping away. Kids - don’t try this at home, the subway manoeuvres I mean - just a tad illegal.

Back home by 3pm after more shenanigans at Atlantic Terminal, lunch, work for 7 hours and then start writing to tell you all about my day.  Looking back, it appears to me that everything was coming up roses and this may have been the opportune time to buy a lottery ticket.  Sigh.  Here’s hoping tomorrow holds more good times although I’ve been informed it will be a solo jaunt due to the whole winter thing kicking in.  Sounds like a plan to me.