Home Sweet Home

What a year!  There has been much going on and many relocations.  Ten in eighteen months to be precise, which in and of itself takes its toll, on both body and spirit.  I have been transient for too long now.  Whilst it has been an adventure, and I have been fortunate to spend time with some amazing people and meet some interesting characters, transience whilst liberating is also limiting.  It explains my absence from so many spheres of my life, including this one, thank you for your patience.

So where to now?  Well, just over a week ago I moved into my own place, my first solo dwelling.  

Yes, I finally bit the bullet and have a place on my own.  It has remained, surprisingly tidy and ordered.  Maybe it’s because the basket on the table and the many bags upstairs are yet to be unpacked. Maybe it’s because you can tidy this place in 15 minutes.  Most likely the reason is that it’s small, with no room for build up.  The term bijou comes to mind, but i don’t know that elegant is accurate.

The pictures on the wall are off centre, sitting on existing hooks for the moment, the lamp sits oddly blocking the book shelves, and the blanket I have been crocheting for years sits in front of the cupboard under the stairs.  The windows leak air and the table looms large in the kitchen so you can cook and sit at the same time.  The early 80’s bathroom takes me back to a time that time itself has forgotten, and the light in the hallway flickers due to a dud starter, There is much still to do, but I will get there.  

Whilst there are things happening most days to bring order, it’s the small things that make it feel like home now.  It’s the scent of my fabric softener permeating the house and the furniture as the clothes dry (ever so slowly) in the lounge.  It’s the luxury of eating food chosen and prepared in my kitchen - even though it’s only for one. It’s the feel of being snuggled under blankets on my couch as I read or watch a movie.  It’s the sounds of music that match my mood as I’m moving around the space.  It’s the sight of the veritable forest as I sit ensconced in my egg chair in the courtyard.  A forest in Carlton you ask?  Yes, a secret one, you just need to know where to look.  It’s being surrounded by what is familiar and absent for too long, a sense of homecoming.

As silly as it sounds, my table and bench, my couch, my bed (how I’ve missed my bed!) and of course my egg chairs, despite being oversized having being purchased for a much bigger apartment, fit this small space perfectly.  It has a good feeling, even though I still haven’t finished unpacking.  There are some places that just feel right, and despite the “cosiness” of this house, or maybe even because of it, it feels like home.