It's too hot

It is too hot.  I don’t do heat well.  It makes me tired and grumpy.  I am unable to speak without strange noises leaving my mouth, not sure if it’s because my mouth feels like it has melted down my face or if the heat has caused a short circuit in my brain wiring and I just can’t make the words happen. Even Deanna is looking at me strangely.  To make matters worse, when I got home the air-con was set to 20 degrees so I now am sneezing and have a chill.  In a bid to recover I am employing the rules of the IT world.  I am rebooting as step one, powering down tonight and will hit the on button again in the morning. I am hoping this will reset my internal thermostatand move me further into my summer setting. If this fails, my favourite flowers are tulips.  Thank you in advance.