Let’s Talk

If we are lucky, I mean really lucky, there is an intimacy that you get to share with another person unlike your other relationships.  Not in a sexual sense, I mean a closeness that can be physical (what can I say? I’ve Italian blood, we talk with our hands and I am, after all, a hugger) but an intimacy that comes from a deep understanding of the other.

It’s a closeness of conversations that can last for hours and meander from the mundane through to the ludicrous.   Discussions that are filled with laughter and tears and comfortable silences of contemplation or understanding.  There is an openness that you share that no subject, no matter how personal, or incendiary, or seemingly dull is off limits, that sharing of things you wouldn’t normally share with the world… present company excepted of course.

When someone understands you, how your mind works, that intimacy turns conversations into a dance.  Two partners entwined, caught up in the musicality and movement of your talk, responding to each others moves and taking turns following each others lead.  You know, that kind of intimacy. 

Conversations where the silences sit comfortably between you, embracing you like a warm blanket on a cold night as you watch the lights in the distance or the dying light if the sunset over the horizon.  Silences that make you smile and think everything is alright with the world.  Silences that for no reason end in a small smile that grows into raucous laughter.  Silences where you feel each others pain and rest a little easier knowing it’s OK.

That kind of intimacy, that kind of understanding of each other, and knowing that you are understood and accepted and cherished because of who you are.  That’s the kind of intimacy that we should all find.  We should all be that lucky.  So, come on… let’s talk...

All that was left was a stony silence and shifting sands Spiral Jetty Great Salt Lake Utah  USA April 2018

All that was left was a stony silence and shifting sands
Spiral Jetty
Great Salt Lake
Utah  USA
April 2018