Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner!!

Ladies and gentleman, It is with great delight that I would like to announce that I won!!  I won in the US Powerball last night.  Not only did I win - but I won big AND small.  Two legitimate emails hit my inbox telling me the great news, one 9,600% larger than the other!  Don’t worry, it’s not a scam - the money has already been transferred to my account.  And to say thank you, as a winner I would like to take everyone out for a Chicken dinner.

But how does one budget for such a celebration?  How much of my winnings should I put toward this MEAL OF CHAMPIONS?  How big does this celebration get?  How responsible do I really need to be when I’ve won both a large and a small prize?  The Taurean in me is split between saving the money for a rainy day and having a large celebration for all to enjoy.  I think I need to share my good wealth with my friends.  Details to follow soon on the exact location and date, but yes - a large group celebration it will be! What is the point in joy if you can’t share it with your family, friends and followers right?

Chicken dinner check list:
Location - KFC (I’m an ex KFC employee from way back so this makes perfect sense)
Guest list - tbc (if you’re reading this, you’re probably in)
Menu… Fillet burger!!

So, just one problem, my winnings, I don’t like to discuss money in detail but if I’m going to make this a reality, I have no choice.  $5.74 as a prize doesn’t go very far, add the other $0.06 and I have a grand total of $5.80 (Yes my large win is $5.74 and my smaller one is 6 cents).  So as per the menu above I am missing $0.15 for one fillet burger.  If I can raise the other 15 cents I am more than happy to share my burger with anyone who wishes to join the celebration.  

A My Cause account has been established to make this dream a reality**.  In the interest of full disclosure once I add the charges that My Cause charge the 15 cents rises to 17 cents however the minimum we can raise is $1 so the 15 cents has been bumped up through on costs to $1.  Anybody wishing to contribute to the fund can do so at 

**Please note that any funds raised through this My Cause campaign will be donated to Oz Harvest, Donations over $2 are tax deductable and all money raised goes directly to OzHarvest.  I will gladly put in the 15 cents and share a burger with anyone that donates.

Looking forward to the party of the year to celebrate and share my good fortune with you all.  What are you waiting for?  Join the party - Support My Cause!!!

OzHarvest is the first perishable food rescue organisation in Australia collecting quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it, direct and free of charge, to 600 charities providing much needed assistance to vulnerable men, women and children across Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle and Perth.

OzHarvest is the only food rescue organisation in Australia collecting surplus food from all types of food providers including fruit and vegetable markets, supermarkets, hotels, wholesalers, farmers, stadiums, corporate events, catering companies, shopping centres, delis, cafes, restaurants, film and TV shoots and boardrooms.