A question trembles in the silence: Why did this remarkable thing happen to this perfectly ordinary woman? It may not matter why the world shifted so drastically for her. Existence is slippery at the best of times. What does matter is that Carmelina Pascoe isn't ordinary. She's one of us. A woman determined to prevail in the world that was, and the world that is, or the world that will be...in the Twilight Zone.

For those of you wondering what on earth I am talking about - take a number, there are many people wondering that exact thing lately.  The (adapted) quote above is the closing narration from a 1985 episode of The Twilight Zone (Season 1 Episode 2a), an episode that struck me at the time because the inability to communicate struck me as a cruel an frustrating thing to happen. 

The episode sees Bill (an exhausted salesperson) wake to discover people are occasionally swapping one word for another, encyclopaedia for dog trumpets for tricks, and dinosaur for lunch.  This worsens throughout the day so that by the time evening comes no words mean what they should.  Imagine that, imagine understanding the words that are being used but have totally different meanings than you think.  It seems worse than being in a place where you don’t speak the language.

So I perversely have the inverse problem.  I randomly replace words in sentences.  Those who have had the pleasure (or misfortune depending on your apartment) See! that was legitimately what I typed - apartment instead of viewpoint.  Not that I think apartment means viewpoint.  I am writing this whilst watching The Block so the word apartment is being bandied about.  

Sadly, this has become a normal occurrence in my daily life.  It appears to be related to a massive sleep debt that by my best estimation will equate to two weeks of solid sleep to repay.  But on the plus side, there is a reason and it is always a logical mistake that is localised to the immediate situation.  I mean I don’t always substitute apartment for viewpoint or finger for photo (thanks for finding that as funny as I did Matt).  

The end is indeed in sight and my language skills are thankfully only temporarily challenged.  I am In bed most nights by 9 and waking much less during the night, so at this rate I should be back to my sparkling self by… oh, I guess, February 2017.  Save the date my friends - there will be a party to celebrate!!!