Where all your (photographic) dreams come true...

So, B & H Photo. No amount of praise nor description from Roy, Matt nor Steve could prepare us for what we were to encounter. So I won't even begin to try, it is truly something that needs to be experienced. Suffice to say, squeals of delight, multiple OMG's and a scene over a camera bag that put When Harry met Sally to shame. Yes, we have secured the bag (insert big grin here).

2 large, one medium and one small shopping bags and 40 minutes in the entry waiting area later (hey it was cold outside and they had chairs - don't judge me), and the packaging was reduced to one average sized box. Kitted up and still grinning like idiots we continued to the camera repair store (Pro tip - B&H don't do repairs) two blocks away, $15 and 5 minutes later and life was pretty damn fine. 

After heading out we ended up trying to avoid Times Square but hey - it's there what can you do, a lot busier during the day than at 2 in the morning let me tell ya, but interestingly, the same amount of light. Met the greatest guy in a retail store that shall remain nameless because... he gave us a list of places to go where being an 18 year old is not a problem. He did tell Deanna not to worry as you have your mom with you to take care of you - I don't think he realises...

Anyway, our first New York deli experience arrived shortly thereafter. Selection was great - salad choices were varied and many. Hot food choices were plentiful, but not cooked as we would find at home. Add a small bottle of wine, drank out of a paper coffee cup. Delicious - affordable - tick! The fire alarm (which does not sound like ours at home, nor like the ones in the movies) was going off for a good 3 minutes before a voice came over a dodgy PA telling us to ignore it, sad to say no-one had budged anyway. We could have all been burnt to a crisp in there but don't try and move us from our food people!!! The alarm went off again a minute later and this time we knew to ignore it for real - the disembodied voice had already told us it was OK. 5 minutes later the fire trucks arrived. I can see an expensive bill from the NYFD and prices set to rise at that deli. Looks like we'll have to find another one, sigh.

In a bid to find some replacement sunnies we traversed the city and sad to say it appears the only option is Sunglass Hut. PLEASE - those of you who know better than I, where does one go to buy shades if you don't wan't what's in Sunglass Hut? Don't want what's in Sunglass Hut you say??? Madness!!!!!! Maybe, but hey, I'm a girl of simple tastes - Deanna has her eye trained on a pair of Prada's though, so she's taken care of. Please advise of alternatives in the comments below. PLEASE!!!

More Christmas lights and a short subway ride later and we were back in the apartment (5.30pm - really??). In a move that can only be described as, what's the word I'm looking for? Foolish? No. Questionable! In a move that can only be described as questionable I decided to rest my head on the couch - just for a second. 2 hours later and Deanna had put more Christmas lights up, cooked dinner and was gently trying to wake me. She's a good egg that one. Somewhere between eating, working, KP and calling home, wen't to sleep at 1am. May have been due to the pipes - but more on that tomorrow after we've taken another bite out of the big apple.