46yo Female seeks stunt double for daily life

Energetic (and yet somehow lethargic at the same time) bubbly type seeks stunt double.  No, I am not shooting a movie about myself.  Nor am I planning on taking up any dangerous sports (taking up sports, hehe, giggles silently to self).  But if you are interested in being a stunt double in my daily life, read on…

Tired of living your live and interested in walking a mile in someone else's shoes?  Want to see if the grass is actually greener on the other side?  Interested in new adventures and meeting people?  Have we got the job for you.

Multiple positions available so lets get down to it.

You are:
Sex            Male/Female/Intersex - it matters not, you get to be you AND me all at the same time.

Age            18+ for when you have your thrice a year drink, and because our mind does occasionally reside in the gutter.

Experience    Any, None, All - we will take all comers.

Skill Set        Ability to laugh and multitask essential.  If you can laugh whilst multitask - you're in! Other Skills - BYO or learn on the job

Education        Whatever you got sunshine!

Language        Must speak english - fluency not necessary.  Other languages are a bonus

Main tasks:    
 Love and laughter
 Teaching and learning
 Space filling and The doing of everything
 Observation and Support
 Cheer Squad and Prison Guard
 Success and Failure
 Laundry mistress and The creating of piles
 Generating Ideas and Taking risks
 Just Being  

Main Roles:
 Mother, Child
 Sister, Friend
 Lover, Partner
 Business owner, Blogger (yes, I need to do the blogging more often, I know)
 Photographer, Artist
 Student, Master
 All-round Awesome Human Being
 And so very many more

Remuneration    Would you believe my eternal love and gratitude?  How about coffee - All the coffee you can drink, whilst you are on the job?  Your choice of prints from the collection (limits apply)?  All right, all right - Negotiable

Applications    Should be made in the comments below or emailed directly to me.  Here’s the first test in the selection process - can you leave a comment or find my email on my website.